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Hosted phone solutions for businesses that need the latest in flexibility, scalability and that run across your high-speed internet connection.

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Are Hosted Phones Right For You?

CityHosted allows you to provide a better customer experience and expand your business without limitations.

  • Do you have an older premise-based phone system?

    Hosted phone service provides more reliability, more flexibility, and a better overall experience for your customers.

  • Are you growing and/or opening new locations?

    Quickly and easily set up new phone numbers for your new locations even before the building is ready.

  • Enterprise functionality. Small-business price.

    Get access to over 20 features including voicemail, call routing, and even call-center functionality for a fraction of the price of premise based systems.


There are lots of reasons why people choose CityHosted for their phone system needs.

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  • Reliable

    Built on a redundant Metaswitch platform with 99.999% uptime.

  • Flexible

    Start with 1 phone and grow to as many as you need across multiple locations.

  • Use Your Own Bandwidth

    Use your own high-speed internet connection to connect to our hosted service. Combine it with SD-WAN and a second internet connection for the ultimate in performance and uptime.

Ready to upgrade to CityHosted?

Phones and Equipment

CityHosted seats require phones that have been tested and approved for use with Metaswitch. Below are the models that we we recommend. Our SIP trunks work with most phone systems across most internet connections. Please check with your sales rep to ensure compatibility with your system.

Other Services

Your phones are a great place to start, but check out some of the other cool stuff we have to offer.



We find the best pricing from over 60 carriers nationwide for all of your internet, voice, and networking needs. This service is FREE to use.

CityHosted Phones

CityHosted Phones

Hosted phone solutions for business that need the latest in flexibility, scalability and that run across your high-speed internet connections.



Easily connect your offices together and protect your business from downtime by bonding your connections using SD WAN.



Enterprise-level phone systems and call center solutions, managed by the carrier and delivered as an operating expense versus a capital investment.



Get better visibility into your business with business-class security cameras that run over your internet connection.



CityCare gives you exceptional support for all of your services from our veteran staff of telecom professionals for one low monthly price.

About Us

CityHosted has solutions for businesses of all sizes. Whether you are just starting out, or just starting to take over the world, we are built to grow with you.

If you like your information at a very high level (and in cartoon format), then check out this quick overview about CityHosted.

Learn a little more about and why businesses across the country choose CityHosted, from our lead sales engineer Steve Medcroft.

CityHosted Phones