Simultaneous Ring: Get all the important calls picked up by whoever is first available.

All incoming calls are not created equal. Some calls are more important than others. And, when you have Simultaneous Ring, the important calls get the attention they require.

Simultaneous Ring is a great solution. Someone on your team can respond immediately to each important call.

Simultaneous Ring – Calls Ring at Multiple Phones at the Same Time.

It’s easy. In fact, Simultaneous Ring is set up free if you are a CityHosted customer. You simply input important customer and client phone numbers into your CityHosted™ system. Then, you set the priorities. You select the important numbers. That way, whoever is available first when a call comes in can pick up the call. It means you will deliver faster responses.

Simultaneous Ring is a great feature. When phones are spread out across a wide ares, it is really helpful. But it doesn’t matter where the phones are located. You control how many phones ring at once.

The Sales Manager’s phone will ring if she is in Buffalo. Your Sales Rep will also get the call down in Houston. The call will go to the company Customer Service hotline. And, you can have all important calls sent to your phone as backup.

You won’t lose a potential sale. You won’t miss inquiries from new prospects. So think of it like this. You are ‘copying’ your whole team on incoming calls. All the options are yours.

Simultaneous Ring is a FREE feature.

The only technical requirement for this free service is an active CityHosted™ account. And of course, Simultaneous Ring is included in your services if you are a Virtual Call Center customer. You can learn more about Simultaneous Ring services here.

Want to learn more about Call Center environments? You can get more information about having a Virtual Call Centerhere. If your company is small, it’s a great way to play bigger. And, it’s a great way to extend your incoming call coverage.

You can probably utilize lots of other CityHosted™ services. So, you should get in touch with a City Communications Representative today.

Call 1-800-289-1828 right now. Your call is important.

Robert BauschSimultaneous Ring: Get all the important calls picked up by whoever is first available.

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