SD Wan – The Slam Dunk – Ridiculous Advantages

SD Wan from City Communications is a Slam Dunk.

Get more speed and lower costs.
Improve security and eliminate failures.
Increase the agility of your network and accommodate bandwidth needs.
The list goes on and on.

It is really important that you have uninterrupted connections to the cloud and your customers. Get rid of interruptions and disruptions – within your company or with other important audiences. You should check this out.

How the SD Wan ‘Slam Dunk’ works.

SD Wan automatically routes traffic across multiple connections and re-routes the traffic as conditions change so you have the best possible connection. Your network will utilize the best possible paths based on routing requirements and security needs in a way that increases efficiency and lowers costs.

When you only have one connection coming into your business or location – no back up – there is obviously only one point of success or failure for your network. You have to have SD Wan to get the fluid ‘magic’ that happens with this great technology. Even if you have more than one connection.

With SD Wan you can bond together up to four different connections to ensure that your business stays connected, up and running. It keeps your speed the best that it can be. Managing the WAN traditionally has been one of the most expensive and rigid aspects of running an enterprise network. It’s a slam dunk now by making use of programmable network devices. It can be modified remotely and through dynamic best-path routing. Both of which improve cost and agility.

Get a FREE 30-day Try & Buy.

What you do is important enough to need SD Wan, so you should get a FREE consult and 30-day FREE Try and Buy.

First, click here to get more info. Then connect with a City Communications professional consultant. After you click through a simple technology audit, then you’ll have all the options and answers.

Check it out now.

Robert BauschSD Wan – The Slam Dunk – Ridiculous Advantages

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