CityHosted™ Services That Save Tons of Time #17: Call Rejection.

Call Rejection is a great way to save time – and headaches. It is a valuable feature on your CityHosted phone system.

Today, every one of us receive phone calls from people we don’t know or don’t need to hear from. This happens to everyone. And because time is money, it’s up to you to control when and why you pick up the phone.

Call Rejection helps prevent lost productivity.

According to an article on ZDNet, small businesses in the US lose nearly half a billion dollars a year in productivity handling telemarketing and other unwanted calls. So, that’s a big number! You may not lose billions, but unwanted calls lower productivity and are a waste of time.

Unwanted incoming calls affect everyone in your company. And, these calls don’t contribute anything to productivity or to success. As a business owner, you know how all the little things add up. Consequently, you know business suffers each and every time an unwanted call is taken. It is that simple.

Sounds like a cliche, but every moment DOES count.

Your time is your most vital resource, now more than ever. So that means you can lose profitability through small inefficiencies throughout your day. Every additional second it takes your website to load is costly. If customers have to visit several web pages to purchase something, every additional click is problematic. You lose valuable time with every incoming call that doesn’t lead to a sale. That’s why time management tools like Call Rejection will make a difference.

In conclusion, you can use your phone to become a lot more efficient. You should check out the huge list of time saving services available on a City Communications CityHosted™ phone system. If you already are a CityHosted™ client, get more out of your phone system. Connect with your City Communications Representative today.


Robert BauschCityHosted™ Services That Save Tons of Time #17: Call Rejection.

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