Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people choose City versus the carriers directly?

We find that there are lots of changes that happen within the industry.  All carriers have ups and downs, strengths and weaknesses, and they are constantly either growing or declining.  Many go through mergers and acquisitions and are constantly changing personnel.  City offers the stability to help you navigate through all of the changes to consistently get you the services you need, from the carriers you want, at prices that fit you budget.

How do you guarantee the best pricing?

Our agreements with our various carriers guarantee that the pricing we offer is the same as the pricing available through other channels.  In rare cases where there is a difference, we will work with the carrier to ensure that you get the best pricing for the services you have.

How is CityCom Free?

We are paid by the carriers for placing orders with them.  You get the same pricing, promotions, and back-end support as you would by placing the orders directly with the carrier.  We are an authorized agent for over 60 carriers across the country so we are confident that we can find the right solution for you.

Why use City instead of doing it myself?

Since there is no additional cost to you to use our services, most of our clients feel that there is an added advantage to leverage our experience to sort through quotes, compare options, and then ultimately manage the installation process to ensure everything goes smoothly.  This can be particularly helpful if you have multiple locations and/or multiple different types of service from different carriers.  Then as you add or change the services down the road, we can help you find a solution, even if it isn’t the original solution you started with.

Can City help with my equipment, cabling, etc?

The short answer is yes.  We typically use the carriers and/or our network of certified partners to help you with everything from servers, firewalls, network cables, and more.  If it has to do with your voice or data services, chance are that we can help you out.

Does my price go up since the carriers have to pay you?

No.  You get the same pricing and promotions as working with the carriers directly.  They compensate us for placing orders rather than paying salaries, benefits, and benefits to direct sales people.

What if I am currently in contract?

No problem.  Most customers are in contracts for their existing services.  If you sign up for CityCare, we can start supporting your existing services with your existing carrier.  When you have 6 months left on your existing contract, we will want to start the process to evaluate you options for moving forward.  You may choose to renew with the existing carrier, switch to a different provider, or change products altogether.  No matter what you need, we can help.

Can I do all of this myself?

You definitely could, but why would you want to?  We work with this stuff all day, every day since 2001 and can help get you the services you want at the prices you need allowing you to focus on the more important things…like growing your business.

Which carrier is the best?

We will meet with you to help find the right carrier (or carriers) for your business.  We will have recommendations for you but the choice is always yours.  Some factors that help to determine which carriers we would recommend include:

  • Addresses for all of your locations
  • Number of employees at each location
  • Type of phone system and services needed
  • Redundancy requirements for failover
  • Networking requirements for connecting offices

Which carriers do you represent?


We work with nearly all of the major carriers across the country and you can see a list of them here.  If there is a specific carrier that you are interested in, please contact us to discuss your needs and we can usually add them to the process.

Can I keep my existing phone system with CityCom?

Absolutely.  We will help you find the right combination of services to work with whatever sort of phone system and equipment you would like to use.  If you are in the market for a new phone system, we can help by referring you to any number of our on-premise PBX vendor partners or a wide-range of hosted options including CityHosted.

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