Partner Page – All Our Product Information in One Place

The City Communications Partner Portal is your main resource for product support

Our primary mission is to help you bring telecom services to your customers; to support you with a rich product portfolio and consultative sales assistance that helps you win customers and post-sales support that makes them stick with you. When you become a dealer or an agent, we do everything we can to support you, including giving you exclusive access to our Partner Page.

The Partner page is our main repository of product information and sales tools for our dealers and agents. It contains links to the people inside City that you need to know, access to the pricing and quoting tools you’ll need to put out proposals, and current, relevant product information on everything in our portfolio.

If you haven’t already, sign up for a password and log in to the partner page. Here’s what you’ll find there:

Staff Directory for instant access to your support team:

Even though you have a dedicated Channel Manager who is your primary contact with City, we understand that closing new business or keeping a customer happy sometimes means you need help right now. One way you can find that help is by using the Partner Page staff directory.

The City team consists of a dozen or so staffers, each dedicated to different areas of the business; sales, technical support, customer service, billing and accounting, etc. We are all technology veterans. Almost everyone of the team has worked 15 or more years for carriers, manufacturers, as telecom managers, or as independent technology specialists. Together, we account for over 250-years of experience in every aspect of technology – negotiating agreements, managing services, designing high-end contact centers, installing and running every kind of system from tiny key systems to carrier switches (and so on).

Located first in the Partner Page, the directory of City staff includes a brief paragraph about each person’s role within the company.

The tools you need to produce quotes and close sales:

As a dealer or agent, you have access to various quoting and margin calculators to help you price our City Hosted cloud-based phone system or SD-WAN. Rather than email you spreadsheets or ask you to manage separate links our Socket quoting tool, we provide access to all quoting and calculators in the Partner Page.

Product pages that are ready with information and guidance to help you make sales:

The main function of the Partner Page is to serve as your central repository for all of the products in your City portfolio. As new products roll into the portfolio, we’ll add them here. As the suppliers revise and improve their products, we’ll update this page.

The main portfolio section displays a logo for each product by name. Click the link and you’ll be redirected to the product page for that portfolio item. Each portfolio page contains a written overview of the product, guidance on identifying the right kind of customer for that product, information on how to get sales help or post-sales support, and notes on the vendor(s) and commission payouts.

Additional information on the Partner Page:

Besides the three main sections, the Partner Page also contains customer sales and training videos, email templates to help you market the products in our portfolio, and links to our latest blog articles.

As always, contact you Channel Manager with questions, help getting a login to the Partner Page, or sales support. Or feel free to reach out to any of us for any reason. You can access the Partner Page at this link.

Email me if there’s more you’d like to see in our Partner Page.

Steve MedcroftPartner Page – All Our Product Information in One Place