Today I can either stomp out disease or compare voice and data rates. CityCom is the cure.

You are busy. And besides – who wants to take the time to try to save money by finding a new voice and data provider. You would have to talk to dozens and dozens of carriers. Get to know CityCom.

Are you like the people we know? They have medical practices to build. They have law offices to run. Some have dynamic growing consulting practices to stay on top of. And, we know a lot of busy franchisors who have a lot to worry about.

CityCom negotiates better voice and data rates for businesses – like yours.

The CityCom team negotiates with over 60 carriers nationwide. As a result, we know more about voice, data, and Internet than your average Joe. In fact, we consistently get the lowest possible rates for our customers on all the services we negotiate. We guarantee it.

Not only that, we work with just about every type of small business. That means we have experience with a workplace just like yours. We can have a quick discussion about the nuances of your business, and then we’ll get to work saving you money — and improving the service you receive from the carriers you rely on.

CityCom negotiating services are free to you: Our fees are paid for by carriers.

And here’s something you probably can’t say about your business – all the negotiating we do on your behalf is paid for by voice and data carriers. That means CityCom saving you money doesn’t cost you any.

As a result, we help lot’s of people with businesses just like yours get the lowest possible cost. And, it’s easy to get started. First, you send us copies of your latest voice and data carrier invoices. Then, we’ll take it from there.

You can get back to saving lives. Keep busy defending clients. Spend your time building business. Devote 100% of your work day to helping customers.

Meanwhile, we will be working for you. By making sure you get the lowest costs.

Finally, if you need help jumpstarting the process. Just make a quick phone call to 1(800) 289-1828. We’ll dig right in to the project. And you can get right back to work. You can get more information here.

Robert BauschToday I can either stomp out disease or compare voice and data rates. CityCom is the cure.

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