Top 10 Things Learned From VeloCloud’s SD WAN Achieve Conference

Hear about the Top 10 things Steve Medcroft picked up at VeloCloud’s 3-day SD-WAN training and best-practices session in San Jose, California.  Here are high-level bullet points, but be sure to watch the video to get the rest of the story.

  1. The meaning of “The Cloud”
  2. A great perspective on SD WAN
  3. What SD WAN does
  4. “Skinny pipes need to be optimized.  Fat pipes need to be managed.”
  5. The “only thing that matters is results.”
  6. A hidden advantage of migrating to SD WAN
  7. A follow-on to the service-insertion argument
  8. More arguments to service-insertion
  9. Isn’t SD WAN new and unproven?
  10. Why VeloCloud is special

Learn more about SD WAN or get started on your FREE 30-Day TRY and BUY.


Read more about the conference VeloCloud website.

Steve MedcroftTop 10 Things Learned From VeloCloud’s SD WAN Achieve Conference
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CityCom – We are the Dentists’ Tooth Fairy

If you are building a medical or dental practice, or any other business, you know what it means to be busy. So you don’t have time to negotiate with voice and data carriers. But how do you ensure you get the best rates for phone, Internet and data services? After all, you would have to consider dozens and dozens of alternatives. The answer is CityCom.

CityCom Negotiates with over 60 different carriers.

CityCom negotiates with over 60 different carriers nationwide to get the lowest possible rates on voice and data. We consider your needs, find the best providers, do all the negotiations, and then get you the best deal. There is no cost to you and no markup. No Kidding. You get the best pricing. It is that simple. We provide our service to you free because telecom carriers pay our fees.

At CityCom, we serve companies in every businesses sector. We work with dentists, doctors, law firms, manufacturing companies, builders and retailers. That means we understand business owners just like you, so we can find the right services and the lowest possible voice and data fees. That’s because we know their needs and can lower costs with our sourcing and negotiations.

Get Started Right Now.

First of all, get the process going now by completing a simple online technology audit. Just click here. Once you finish the audit, we will follow up and then begin negotiations that will start lowering your costs.

Next, we’ll assign a City Communications Project Manager to your business. They ensure your services are installed correctly and on-time. Your Project Manager will coordinate everything with your carriers. They will also communicate as necessary to your staff.

With CityCom, you can check and make sure you are saving money every month. We can send you free billing audits. It’s like getting a free checkup at the dentist with no copay – or pain!

Start your savings now!

Take a couple minutes right now and complete the audit of your current service and providers. Then sit back and relax while we take care of everything.

Get started paying the lowest rates now!


Robert BauschCityCom – We are the Dentists’ Tooth Fairy
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SD Wan: Your slow-loading website is like putting someone on hold. Irritating anyone today?

Before you had a website, putting customers on hold was a great way to get them to hang up and go away. Today, a slow-loading website – or bad connection – has the same affect. Website abandonment – getting the ‘Clic-Off’ – is the inexcusable, completely fixable unintelligent loss of business. Time for SD Wan.

Here’s a scary fact: 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.*

Speed matters. Speed you can count on matters more.

That’s why SD Wan from City Communications has turned into one of the most important tools for a business that needs to be connected, up and running 100% of the time.

SD Wan automatically routes traffic across multiple connections. It re-routes the traffic as conditions change so you have the best possible connection. Your network will utilize the best possible paths based on routing requirements and security needs. This happens in a way that increases efficiency and lowers costs.

You should not be expecting your business to live on only one connection. You have to have SD Wan to get the backup, predictability, accessibility – and business – that is possible with this great technology.

Even if you have more than one connection going into your business, with SD Wan you can bond together up to four different connections to ensure that your business stays connected, up and running. It keeps your speed the best that it can be. It lowers your costs, improves security, network agility and performance.

Get a FREE SD Wan 30-day Try & Buy.

What you do is important enough to utilize SD Wan. So, you should get a FREE consult and 30-day FREE Try and Buy. First, click here to get more info. Then connect with a City Communications professional consultant. After you click through a simple technology audit, then you’ll have all the options and answers.

Avoid the Clic-Off. Every second counts.

*How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line.

Robert BauschSD Wan: Your slow-loading website is like putting someone on hold. Irritating anyone today?
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SD Wan – The Slam Dunk – Ridiculous Advantages

SD Wan from City Communications is a Slam Dunk.

Get more speed and lower costs.
Improve security and eliminate failures.
Increase the agility of your network and accommodate bandwidth needs.
The list goes on and on.

It is really important that you have uninterrupted connections to the cloud and your customers. Get rid of interruptions and disruptions – within your company or with other important audiences. You should check this out.

How the SD Wan ‘Slam Dunk’ works.

SD Wan automatically routes traffic across multiple connections and re-routes the traffic as conditions change so you have the best possible connection. Your network will utilize the best possible paths based on routing requirements and security needs in a way that increases efficiency and lowers costs.

When you only have one connection coming into your business or location – no back up – there is obviously only one point of success or failure for your network. You have to have SD Wan to get the fluid ‘magic’ that happens with this great technology. Even if you have more than one connection.

With SD Wan you can bond together up to four different connections to ensure that your business stays connected, up and running. It keeps your speed the best that it can be. Managing the WAN traditionally has been one of the most expensive and rigid aspects of running an enterprise network. It’s a slam dunk now by making use of programmable network devices. It can be modified remotely and through dynamic best-path routing. Both of which improve cost and agility.

Get a FREE 30-day Try & Buy.

What you do is important enough to need SD Wan, so you should get a FREE consult and 30-day FREE Try and Buy.

First, click here to get more info. Then connect with a City Communications professional consultant. After you click through a simple technology audit, then you’ll have all the options and answers.

Check it out now.

Robert BauschSD Wan – The Slam Dunk – Ridiculous Advantages
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Migrating to Windstream CCaaS with City Communications

Windstream and City Communications moves an enterprise-class contact center to a CCaaS solution in the cloud for major energy services provider.

As one of the largest retail providers of electric, natural gas and home services in North America—with its parent company based in Europe—a major energy services provider processed approximately 1.3 million calls per month for sales and customer service. The Company views every call as an opportunity, either to win a new client, or provide great customer service, and has set a goal of rst call resolution as a top priority.

To deliver on its goal, it came to Windstream for an advanced contact center solution. A long-standing relationship and multiple successes deploying Windstream network services with City Communications secured the motivation to move forward.

Jake PetersenMigrating to Windstream CCaaS with City Communications
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City Communications Top 2 with Windstream for 2016

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Windstream just announced their top partners for 2016 and City Communications was ranked number two for 2016. City has consistently been a top partner of Windstream in large part to growing business within the UCaaS/CCaas, MPLS, and Contact Center segments. City also completed a number of large implementations with key customers such as Direct Energy, Empereon, and Preferred Homecare to round out the year.

City has worked closely with Windstream on a number of their initiatives such as UCaaS, CCaaS, SD WAN, MPLS, and fiber to bring complete voice and data solutions to businesses of all sizes across the country.

Part of the success is due to the fact that City believes offering their customers choices from a number of different carriers and allowing the customer to make the best choice for his or her business.  To set up a free, no-cost consultation, click here.

Jake PetersenCity Communications Top 2 with Windstream for 2016
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Security Cameras: You CAN be in 16 places at once. Cameras allow you to check in from anywhere.

Every business needs security cameras. Camera systems help ensure safety, reduce theft and eliminate potential liability situations. And each situation with possible liability will more than pay for complete video monitoring capability.

It used to be difficult and expensive to have security cameras installed. However that’s not true anymore.

City Communications™ can install cloud-based security cameras around your business economically and easily. Once they are up and running, cameras will provide you better visibility into your business.You’ll get visual access to everything that is going on. Camera systems are scalable, so you can put them wherever you need to. You can use cameras to monitor low-traffic areas, parking lots and utility rooms. Cameras let you keep an eye on areas with high value equipment or inventory.

Access security cameras from anywhere!

Your security cameras can hook up to your current internet connections and will only use 256k per camera. Security recordings are stored off-site where they can’t be damaged or stolen.

You can easily login and view your cameras remotely from your laptop. In addition, your system will be secure. You don’t have to open up ports in your firewall to view the cameras remotely.

Connecting a complete network of security cameras is one of the most popular service options with our CityHosted™customers. And it’s no wonder.

Protect your business with security cameras.

Retailers can protect themselves from slip and fall liability situations. Technology companies can protect valuable assets from theft. You can provide second and third shift workers safer. Building maintenance and security staff in manufacturing and distribution companies stay on top of potential problems. As a business owner, you can stay on top of everything.

Get more information. Your City Communications™ Account Manager can get you all the details. We can help you think through all the options. Get a program that will help you protect your assets, your business and your profits.

You can get the scoop here. We’ll get right to work.

Robert BauschSecurity Cameras: You CAN be in 16 places at once. Cameras allow you to check in from anywhere.
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SD-WAN is GPS for private data networks

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Networking) is the new buzzword in telecom. But what exactly, in simple terms, is it?

One of the leading companies defines it this way: “a transformational approach to simplify branch office networking and assure optimal application performance… the underlying principle of which is to abstract the network hardware and transport characteristics from the applications that use the network.

Is that helpful? Does that help you understand what is is and how it might “transform” your business?

Let’s look at it in simpler terms.

Networking is the packaging together of data into bundles (packets) and transporting those packets across a network. The networks we use most of the time are the Internet and the private networks within our homes or businesses.

The data that comprise applications input and output, emails, files, images, websites, and YouTube cat videos, are moving on these networks all the time. Data is then like cargo loaded in the back of a truck being driven between two points. And the trucks are rolling 24/7.

For businesses that need to move a lot of data between multiple locations create and manage their own Wide Area Networks (data connections between offices). Deploying a WAN for your enterprise is like sending trucks onto the highways between cities.

The cheapest and most freely available network to move your data is the Internet – which would be like using the public interstate highway system to transport your cargo by truck. But, like the freeway system, the Internet is rife with congestion and subject to disruption based on all kinds of forces out of your own control. Construction, accidents, bad information on routes, can all delay, disrupt, and even derail your data. This causes unreliability in knowing when your cargo is going to land on the other side of your wide area network (or insecurity that your data will arrive intact and unmolested). In data terms, this unreliability expresses itself as jitter, packet loss and down time.

Traditionally, the way around this problem has been for enterprises to build their own highway system using costly private carrier circuits (T-1’s, DS3’s, fiber and wireless direct links). Imagine paying to build roads only you can drive your trucks on! Sweet and complete control over your haulage but nightmarishly expensive.

For a hybrid solution, companies might instead invest in access to toll roads (like a carrier service called MPLS). Still expensive but at least it offers a level of reliability to the movement of cargo.

But what if you could use those inexpensive public networks but get the level of reliability that only comes with private networks?

SD-WAN could be the answer. It manages the routing of your traffic across multiple links as a software layer of service (independent of the physical network layer), always looks for the most-efficient link to route data, and can be ready at a moment’s notice to drive around problems.

So, SD-WAN is like GPS with auto traffic routing. Instead of expensive private connections (highways), you install two Internet connections (multiple freeway on-ramps) at each location on your Wide Area Network. The SD-WAN service then manages your data traffic to make sure that your cargo travels along the most efficient path (as well as allowing you to set rules to determine which data, which applications you share across a network, get priority when there is conflict or congestion).

With SD-WAN, The chances of disruption are greatly minimized. You practically eliminate packet delays and jitter. And, you can cut WAN costs to nothing more than the price of Internet connections and the service itself.

If you want to learn more or explore the options to deploy SD-WAN on your data network, contact me (use the form to the right of this article).


Steve Medcroft is the author of The Telecom Manager’s Survival Guide and a Senior Telecom Analyst at City Communications in Phoenix Arizona. City Communications procures and delivers best-in-class telephony and wide-area networking technology for businesses nationwide.

Steve MedcroftSD-WAN is GPS for private data networks
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Electric Lightwave Announces City Communications Top 10 Business Partner

Today, Electric Lightwave announced their top partners for 2016, and once again City Communications was at the top of the list at number six.

Thank you to all Electric Lightwave and Integra partners for your efforts in helping us make 2016 a successful year. The rankings for 2016 are in and we are pleased to announce our top 10 partners of 2016. Congratulations to City Communications, our number six partner in the country for 2016.

City continues to be at the top for many of the carriers they represent and their relationship with Integra, Electric Lightwave, and now Zayo is an important part of their success.  Electric Lightwave Channel Manager Ken Cisneros has been instrumental in helping roll out new products as well as educate and train staff, agents, and customers.  City looks forward to the continued relationship with Electric Lightwave to drive new opportunities for our agent community and solutions for our valued customers.

You can learn more about all of the exciting new products and services Electric Lightwave has to offer by contacting us for a complimentary Technology Review.  Whether you want to reduce costs, find greater efficiency, replace old technology, or just review your current services, City Communications is here to help.

Jake PetersenElectric Lightwave Announces City Communications Top 10 Business Partner
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Avaya Announces Restructure Under Chapter 11

Today we received notice about Avaya’s restructuring plan…

“After assessing a wide range of alternatives to address our capital structure and improve our balance sheet, today we announced that Avaya has filed voluntary petitions to restructure under chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. This restructuring filing only affects Avaya Inc. and certain other domestic subsidiaries; the company’s foreign affiliates are not affected by this filing. While certain branch offices of Avaya’s U.S. operations may see some limited impact, we are working to facilitate a smooth transition there as well. Avaya has also filed a number of customary “first-day” motions with the Court to facilitate a smooth transition into chapter 11 and minimize business disruption, including a motion seeking authority to continue and honor the company’s obligations under certain customer programs.

Importantly, Avaya is fully focused on the future. We are operating our business as usual, and remain fully committed to providing the same innovative products and industry-leading services our customers have come to expect from us. We do not plan on discontinuing any products or services at this time.

So why are we taking this action? While our business is healthy and performing well — as reflected in our fourth quarter and fiscal year 2016 financial results — Avaya needs to address its debt and interest expense. Improving Avaya’s balance sheet will help position the company for long-term success and enable us to be an even better partner for our customers. We are confident that we can emerge from this process as a stronger, more competitive company with the financial flexibility to invest in innovation and growth to expand our market-leading positions, and create solutions and services that will meet your needs today and well into the future.

We are working diligently to move through this process as quickly as possible. We will make every effort to provide you with regular updates as details become available throughout the chapter 11 cases. In the meantime, several resources are available now that provide additional details on this announcement:

Toll Free (USA and Canada):      855-252-2156
International Callers:                  917-651-0441

We are confident that this process will enable us to deliver growth and great outcomes for our customers, our partners, and Avaya.

As always, thank you for your continued loyalty and support. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.”

Jake PetersenAvaya Announces Restructure Under Chapter 11
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