SD Wan: Your slow-loading website is like putting someone on hold. Irritating anyone today?

Before you had a website, putting customers on hold was a great way to get them to hang up and go away. Today, a slow-loading website – or bad connection – has the same affect. Website abandonment – getting the ‘Clic-Off’ – is the inexcusable, completely fixable unintelligent loss of business. Time for SD Wan.

Here’s a scary fact: 40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.*

Speed matters. Speed you can count on matters more.

That’s why SD Wan from City Communications has turned into one of the most important tools for a business that needs to be connected, up and running 100% of the time.

SD Wan automatically routes traffic across multiple connections. It re-routes the traffic as conditions change so you have the best possible connection. Your network will utilize the best possible paths based on routing requirements and security needs. This happens in a way that increases efficiency and lowers costs.

You should not be expecting your business to live on only one connection. You have to have SD Wan to get the backup, predictability, accessibility – and business – that is possible with this great technology.

Even if you have more than one connection going into your business, with SD Wan you can bond together up to four different connections to ensure that your business stays connected, up and running. It keeps your speed the best that it can be. It lowers your costs, improves security, network agility and performance.

Get a FREE SD Wan 30-day Try & Buy.

What you do is important enough to utilize SD Wan. So, you should get a FREE consult and 30-day FREE Try and Buy. First, click here to get more info. Then connect with a City Communications professional consultant. After you click through a simple technology audit, then you’ll have all the options and answers.

Avoid the Clic-Off. Every second counts.

*How Loading Time Affects Your Bottom Line.

Robert BauschSD Wan: Your slow-loading website is like putting someone on hold. Irritating anyone today?

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